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August 2013

09 August 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

August is a pretty silly time for a gardener to go on holiday, but that's just what I've done this August!

The sweetcorn is ripening, the french and runner beans are into their stride and the sweet peas look and smell divine. How can I contemplate two weeks away? It's work as well as play because I have some jobs to do while I'm away, but the result will be the same, weeds and waste!

If you're in the same boat get the lawn mown and edged, ask a neighbour to do some emergency watering and hope for at least a couple of days of rain while you're away.  Water everything really thoroughly before you go and consider an automatic watering system for next year.

I'll let you know whether the weeds took over and everything died when I get back... but plants want to live so hopefully it will be a happy ending  when I get back. 

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