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Beautiful bedding for your garden

27 March 2015 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Add a kaleidoscope of colour to your garden this year with quick-to-plant and quick-to-establish spring bedding. With simple care and attention you can create a true Eden. And we’ll show you how.


There is a fantastic amount of choice when it comes to bedding. Perhaps you like a bright display of dazzling and bold flowers to celebrate the summer. Or maybe you like moody blues and purples to soften flowerbed displays.

The great advantage is that you can have both and the combinations are endless– and what’s more you can use these colour schemes together for clever contrast and real impact. Here’s some top tips of how to get great displays for you and your guests to enjoy in the garden.

Getting your bedding plants

Bedding plants come to you from us as plugs – which basically means little plants with ready-roots and small leaves with the potential to grow quick once the spring starts in earnest.

Our larger plugs (plantlets typically 8cm from root to tip) are ready to plant in the garden when the danger of late frost has passed, or you give them adequate frost protection.

Our medium plugs (plantlets typically 5cm from root to tip) are ready to place into pots before planting outdoors and are suitable for those gardeners with time on their hands.


Dark and light contrast – for yin and yang

Pat Beg OrlandyBegonia semperflorens ‘Organdy Mixed’. (right) is great. Plentiful blooms last a whole season long. Bright red pink and white flowers harmonise perfectly with dark green and bronze leaves.

Petunia ‘Lime and Black Mixed’. Another annual stalwart. This plant is classy, and just keeps flowering and flowering. In evenings, just water in hot spells and dead-head spent flowers to make way for fresh blooms the next day.


Get plants with lovely leaves

Some bedding offers fascinating and intriguing leaves as well as flowers. Get double the impact in your garden with these plants.

Pat Cosmos SonataCosmos Sonata Mixed. The leaves of this annual plant are as intricate as lace. Not only do they look great, they feel good too – just run your hands through the soft, feathery leaves.

Begonia Illumination.  Its leaves are lush, long and toothed and almost exotic-looking and provide a great backdrop to the sunset coloured flowers that last all summer long and into autumn.




Pom-pom blooms

Pat Tagetes TaishanThese flowers are great- they’re bold and beautiful and offer the greatest flower power with their many petals. Here’s some you can try in your beds and containers.

Aster Pot and Patio Mix. China asters’ come in range of colours and make great cut flowers too for indoor displays.

Marigold Taishan Mixed. (right) These look great. They also smell great. What’s more, they produce many flowers per plant as they are so free-branching. Add these to illuminate the front of borders.


Plants for pollinating insects

Pat Cleome SparklerEncourage bees and butterflies with pollen and nectar-rich plants and bring your garden to life. These insects will feed on pesky pests too so it’s a bonus to have them in the garden.

Cleome Sparkler. (right) This bursting firework of a flower is a magnet for bees. It’s a tall annual growing to 90cm – so good at the back of a border – and it’s fragrant too.

Ageratum High Tide Blue . These purple ‘floss-flowers’ attract beneficial pollinators too. Add this cottage-garden plant (up to 60cm) to the centre of flowerbeds for softening flower displays.

Other gadgets – to perfect your bedding displays

There’s all kinds of gadgets that are worth investing in to get your bedding displays looking at their best. Here’s one or two suggestions;

Potting-on kits – For transferring medium-sized plugs to pots before planting outside. They’re light in weight, easy-to-use and uniform so allow equal levels of water and soil for maximum results.

Flower towers – A simple upright structure that allows you to create bold vertical displays of your favourite plants. These are great for balconies and patios and bring scented plants to head height.

Hanging baskets and accessories

Invest in hanging baskets for displays that bring colour and exuberance to your garden. A pulley-mechanism is great for lowering baskets when you need to water and feed.

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