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Clear Autumn Leaves

22 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Do you love your autumn leaves? …or hate the mess they make?

It seems gardeners are divided on that one!

As a kid, autumn was a favourite time of the year; one of the compensations for going back to school was jumping on a crisp pile of leaves and waiting for that satisfying ‘crunch’ underfoot. 

I still love the colours on the trees, but when the leaves fall and it rains, I hate the resulting slippery mess. But of course, it’s exactly this rotting down process that makes leaf collecting such a worthwhile job.

Choose a calm, still day, and spend a few hours of healthy exercise raking up leaves, ready to turn them into a brilliant supply of homemade leaf mould, perfect for adding moisture retentive humus to potting composts or to use as mulch.

Top tips for the autumn tidy up

  • Choose a still day to clear leaves or nature will blow them all back where you started!
  • Rake leaves into piles, and use a leaf collecting board so they are easier to pick up 
  • If you’re using a leaf blower blow the leaves away from you into a central pile.
  • Stick to leaves from broadleaved trees and don’t try to rot down holly or pine leaves, they take much longer to decompose.
  • Chop up leaves on the lawn by running over them with a lawn mower, this will help rot them down more quickly


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