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Cottage Gardens and Houseplants-The Great British Garden Revival

14 December 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Carol Klein was almost struck speechless by one Yorkshire garden and her enthusiasm, as always, was infectious. Simple flowers and lots of plants for pollinators plus great plant combinations made for an inspirational programme.

We were thrilled to note that almost all Carol's suggestions are  available from Unwins to grow from seed - we have a brilliant selection  online and in the catalogue- so a cottage garden from seed is a really cost effective way of getting a gorgeous garden.

 When it comes to enthusiasm Carol usually takes some beating- but compared to Tom Hart Dyke, she was almost luke warm-well not quite, but Tom personifies plant passion! - with an animated and impassioned plea for gardeners to grow more houseplants- he extolled everything from cacti to streptocarpus plus the very odd looking Sinningia

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