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Create a sparkling pond

03 April 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Create a sparkling pond

With the prospect of a long hot summer a pond takes on a special quality; somewhere to relax and enjoy sparkling, crystal clear water, healthy plants and the flash of dragonflies’ wings. But if this doesn’t quite mirror the reality of your pond just yet, give it a little attention now and it can be!  Spring is the perfect time to get to grips with clearing the pond.

Getting rid of algae and blanket weed turns a murky pond into a mirror glass and a tranquil place that’s a haven for wildlife.  

While you’re cleaning the water, take the opportunity to  plant it up with some new pond plants; they’ll keep the oxygen balance right while looking spectacular.  Plant up the margins with moisture loving plants and add some water plants to the pond. A few water lilies floating on the surface of the water can transform even the tiniest pond into a magical place.

This calm, warm weather is perfect for cleaning out water features and ponds. And here in the office we’ve definitely been inspired to get the best from our ponds and water features because we've just published the NEW EcoSure catalogue. Look out for it popping through the letterbox soon and all the products are here online too.


For weeks we’ve been deciding on plants and products to help make the most of any pond or water feature.
The EcoSure Pond Clear Aqua PLUS is a great product for clearing algae and giving your pond a new lease of life so of course it is in the brochure but in addition we thought we'd also include plenty of new pond plants in this season's catalogue. There are even water snails and molluscs that will help keep water clear plus oxygenating pond plants. We loved the water lilies, some are small enough to go into a barrel pond; plus there is everything you need for turning any less than perfect pond into a sparkling clear one humming with insects and bursting with health!


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