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December is the last chance to plant Tulip bulbs.

02 December 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Tulips originate from the Middle East where summers are hot and winters can be very cold so the bulbs once they are snugly planted underground don't mind cold weather; in fact tulips need a spell of cold to get them in the mood for flowering!

The one thing every tulip needs is plenty of sunshine so look for the sunniest place in the garden and site them there.  Tulips, and most other bulbs hate wet, waterlogged soil so plant them into soil with good drainage.  If you garden on heavy clay plant your tulips in containers instead of open ground.

As a rough rule of thumb bury the bulbs up to 4 times their depth; even deeper if you want them to stay in the ground permanently.

One of the best ways of ensuring a good spring display is to interplant your tulips with bedding plants such as winter pansies, bellis and primulas  that will flower at the same time as the tulips.  It may sound obvious but always plant the bedding first and then plant the bulbs. Doing it this way round means you can position the bulbs around the plants and you can see where everything is going. If you do it the other way round you'll have no idea where the bulbs are once they've been buried, So spearing them with the trowel as you plant the bedding is almost inevitable - Believe me I say this from bitter experience!


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