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February 2013

18 February 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

It was a lovely weekend in the east of the country and unusually for my part of the Fens there was no biting wind to contend with. Relatively mild temperatures and lots of sunshine tempted me outside to do some weeding and to check on the bulbs in the garden.

I’ve got crocuses and spring bulbs waiting in the wings, I planted them into pots last autumn with primroses and a few seed raised forget-me-nots so I’m hoping for a bright show. The pots will go into gaps in the border and also help to liven up the patio.

I also planted some more primroses this weekend; they are big well rooted plants so I’ve popped them into the garden this time (I’ve already got some in pots). Primroses are ideal in a shady part of the garden, mine are in a spot that used to have the compost heap on it. The soil there is moist and humus-rich so the primroses will be very happy there.

This shady corner was a convenient place for the compost but definitely not ideal because the rather tatty heap was the first thing I saw when I looked out of the kitchen window; not exactly inspiring!

I cleared the original heap in January and spread the compost on the veg plot and around the base of the roses and as a mulch for other deserving plants. As always there wasn’t enough to go round. Home made compost is such a valuable commodity; so now I’m desperate to find a better place for this season’s heap.

In the cleared space I’ve planted a crab apple and magnolia and some seed-raised honesty (Lunaria). I love the mauve flowers of honesty as well as its opalescent seed pods and they are a perfect match for the blossom of malus ‘Profusion’. This is a fabulous dark-leaved crab apple with deep magenta-pink blossom. All I need now are some pink tulips in a pot and I’ll have a brilliant explosion of colour come spring.

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