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February 2013

01 February 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

I took some pictures of the veg plot on Saturday morning when everything was still tucked under a blanket of snow. Parsley, garlic and shallots were just peeping through and a few brave sweet Williams were showing their heads. But by Sunday morning the deep freeze effect had disappeared completely.

The sweet Williams and wallflowers have bounced back. They make such good companions for the spring bulbs and they shrug off everything winter can throw at them. But the grass paths are another story! They’re a muddy trampled mess at the moment!

I love the ‘Winter Wonderland’ effect that snow brings but I managed to jam the camera last week just as I was about to capture the snowy scene for posterity-typical! Now it’s gone- but at least the plants are enjoying the warmer weather.

My autumn-sown sweet peas are still flourishing in the cold greenhouse. I’m planning to sow more but it was still a bit nippy out there for any long stays, even though the temperature had risen to 16C, I settled for the warm kitchen instead rather than a cold greenhouse.

But the bay tree is snug in there and so is a fig tree, I was trying to get a second crop of figs by protecting the babies that formed last year but I don’t think it’s working. Roll on warm April!

The moon over the weekend was incredible wasn’t it?  Huge, and low in the sky at dusk and dawn. This morning it was still bright and as I was driving to work a barn owl flew across it, a magical sight.



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