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February 2013

25 February 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

What a difference a week makes! This weekend with its biting winds and snow, was in stark contrast to the last. Brrrr! I ventured out to the greenhouse to give the over wintering plants a drink and check on the few hardy seedlings inside and then scuttled indoors. Yes, I know it’s wimpish but honestly, there is little fun to be had in a grey, overcrowded greenhouse in minus temperatures.

By Sunday afternoon it had cheered up a bit, but by then I was hooked on the rugby six nations!

Feeling a bit guilty and mindful that I’m supposed to be writing a gardening blog, once the matches were over I decided to sort my seed packets out. This always rekindles my enthusiasm, it’s a great feast for the imagination as the packets of ‘must have’ varieties are spread out on the kitchen table and sorted into the ones I want to sow in February, (what is left of it) and which will be best left till March, April and even May.

My greenhouse isn’t heated so I’m proceeding with caution, seed is precious and I don’t want to sow anything that will struggle to survive. I’d love a heated greenhouse, a large one with electricity and a sink... bliss! But that will have to wait for my lottery win, and if you’re wondering; I checked, and I haven’t!

But at least by Sunday evening the seed box was pretty much organised into sowing months, so now all I have to do is wait for warmer weather!

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