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February - It's a good time to plan and prune

01 February 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

There are gardening jobs to be getting on with in February even if the weather starts to turn wintery. It has been an incredibly mild start to the year and a very wet one in some parts of the country. If your soil is still wet and sticky don't be tempted to do any winter digging until it has dried out a bit. Sticky mud-caked boots are a sure sign that soil is too wet to work! Better to have a late start than destroy your soil structure.

February is also a good time to prune wisterias and buddleja, and fruit trees such as apples, and there is still time to plant dormant fruit trees and hedging plants.

There is also plenty to do indoors even if you don't have a greenhouse. Potatoes are chitting, seeds can be sown and corms and tubers of begonias and gladioli can all be started into growth on a warm windowsill or a cosy shed.

And February is a great month to prepare all your tools and gardening equipment ready for the mad rush that starts in March...

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