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Genius ideas with geraniums

07 August 2018 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

 ger fizz


Geran heroThanks to recent breeding, geraniums are available to you in all manners of colours- we recommend you want to choose a strong, upright flower in your favourite colour and show it in all its glory in its own in a basket (right) or pot. Alternatively pair with a flower with a trailing habit to complete classic pot displays. 

Here we have some great flower combinations for you to try at home using upright types, design styles to pick and some interesting facts about this much-loved flower.

Author: Patrick Wiltshire




ger lobLuxurious lobelia combination

Upright geraniums go hand in hand with other bedding that has a habit of spreading and spilling over the sides of pots. Try planting a pot with a focal geranium, surrounded by lovely lilac lobelias (right) giving off a faint yet pleasing fragrance. Lobelias are geraniums are long-lasting. A bit of dead-heading will go a long way to make your displays last through the summer and into autumn.




Masters of flowering 

Because geraniums come from the Mediterranean, they are naturally used to a lack of water which is why you can grow them in poor, shallow soils and they will still thrive given you choose a sunny spot. This is great news for those with a garden on a new-build property, where the soil is often rubble-filled and poor.



ger lavLavender combo

Pair up geraniums with lavenders (right). Both flowers enjoy a sunny spot and bring in useful bees and butterflies to the garden. They actually enjoy the same soil type too- free draining and shallow. The upright slim, purple stems of lavender complement the more cloud-like geranium perfectly.

Both geraniums and lavenders are suitable for cutting and putting in vases for lovely indoor displays. Arm yourself with a pair of snips and create charming vase displays indoors.





ger mezOnwards and upwards

Geraniums look great in terracotta pots adorning either side of a stairway. If you have a sunny mezzanine or a flight of stairs going up to a balcony potted geraniums add class and a feel of the Mediterranean.

Many gardeners in the Mediterranean like to place pots full of geraniums dotted up the wall. If you fancy trying this look, be sure to use a wall that is sun-drenched. A south-facing wall is perfect.     




It's all relative...

Geraniums have the botanical name 'Pelargonium'. Though related, true geraniums are hardy flowers with a slightly different growing-requirement than Pelargonium. True geraniums enjoy a touch of shade and frequent watering whereas the relative Pelargonium is a true sun-worshipper that can go a bit thirsty.

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