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Get your lawn ready for spring!

01 April 2018 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Lawn Care Guide - Spring

Now this long winter the garden can finally make way for the arrival of spring and your first calling customer will be the lawn.

The grass is growing as the temperature is above 50F (Fahrenheit) or 10 C (Celsius) , it’s a perfect time to kill moss and lawn weeds and also feed and condition, the lawn before mowing with an electric, petrol or push lawn mower.


Follow the five steps below to get a great looking lawn this spring

1) First mow of the season- add some punchy patterns

This is the year to get adventurous with the lawn. Have some fun mowing curly or geometric patterns into the lawn.Simply cut the lawn at a higher setting for the first cut, and lower the blades when you mow in the patterns.  

At this time of year the lawn may only need cutting about once or twice a fortnight. 

2) Get rid of weeds and moss

After a long winter, your lawn may have moss and weeds that are using up valuable nutrients and soil moisture that’s essential for grass to thrive to produce a good looking and healthy lawn.

Use Westland Safe Lawn Natural Lawn Feed a few days after mowing to prepare the grass. Lightly rake out the moss once it begins to die.Get your Lawn ready for the Spring !

When using the Westland Safe Lawn Natural Lawn Feed, it’s best to get hold of a Lawn Drop Spreader to help distribute the feed evenly.

3) Add a centrepiece

A lawn can leave a garden looking flat and lifeless if not complemented by nearby bright bulbs or perennials. or an ornamental focal point. A water feature, bird bath or island bed makes an effective centrepiece to bring your lawn to life.

4) Bring lawn care and home-growing together

Lawns make attractive and natural pathways between raised beds of your yummiest crops from strawberries to sweetcorn. Be sure that paths are wide enough between raised beds to comfortably fit a mower.

5) Mow little and often

Encourage the grass to grow thick lush and full by mowing on a higher cut but more often than your usual regime if you can afford the time. Every time you cut the grass blades you encourage every blade to produce more stems for more green surface area and a richer-looking lawn.

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