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Get your pond into ship shape

22 March 2016 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Add a pond and you’ll impress the neighbours. You’ll also add an all-important ecosystem to the garden, enticing aquatic wildlife.


It’s really rewarding to have a pond but it’s important to give it care and attention to keep it clear, healthy and a lovely home for frogs and fish to thrive in.

Here a run-down on ways to get your pond into ship-shape.

Apply the right level of care at the right time of year

You can help to keep pondwater clear and free of scum by giving it a biological-based treatment such as Eco Sure Pond Clear Aqua Super 12. By treating the pond to just a few applications you can achieve a really healthy pond environment, relying on and encouraging good bacteria to thrive in the pond.

Introduce a range of colourful and scented pond plants

Pat colourful pond plantsBuy a range of pond plants, some that float on the surface and some that grow at the pondside, and you will get welcome colour as well as provide vital shelter and cool-spots for aquatic wildlife. Try a pondside iris, a floating oxygenating plant such as curly water thyme and a waterlily to get you started.

Create different levels in the pond

This will suit different wildlife. Different species of algae-eating mollusc are happy at different depths of the pond and amphibians prefer varying depths to spawn. In essence, the greater the diversity in wildlife, the more active and animated for pond will become to really bring your garden to life.

In ponds of only one level you can achieve different depths by adding natural platforms like rocks and up-turned containers.

Feed fish at the right time of year

Pat clear pondThe activity levels of fish are dependent on the time of season, and by feeding them at a time when they are using a lot of energy you’ll have healthy and happy fish. Most good fish food will give you suggested quantities too so you can pitch it at the right level.

Keep pests away

You can add deterrents to your pond to keep pests away from eating fish and amphibians. These don’t hurt the pests, commonly cats and herons, they just discourage them to take lunch at the pond.

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