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Grow Sweet Peas from seed

10 March 2015 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Sow Sweet Peas. The evenings are drawing in noticeably once September arrives, and as the month progresses there is often a nip in the air, but the growing season isn’t over yet! This is a very good month to grow Sweet Peas from seed. These autumn sown Sweet Peas will make sturdy plants that flower earlier next summer, and the seeds soon germinate in the warmth of a propagator.

When you buy Sweet Pea seeds from Unwins you can be certain they’ve been tested for optimum performance, and each seed packet has full instructions and aftercare tips.

Unwins are rightly famous for fabulous sweet peas, available both as seeds and plants, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

How to grow sweet peas from seed.

Sow sweet peas at a temperature of 10-15C/50-60F they don’t need high temperatures to germinate. Sow seed individually into deep pots or cell trays filled with good quality compost.  Keep somewhere warm; such as in a propagator or on a warm windowsill, and keep the compost moist but not wet until seeds germinate. 

When the sweet pea seedlings are growing strongly, pinch out the growing tips to encourage the plants to branch. This will give you several stems and lots of flowers.

Sweet peas are tough plants so they don’t need a warm greenhouse; once the seed has germinated a cold frame or a bright spot near a window in a shed or porch will be fine, but protect the young plants from frosts and severe weather with an extra layer of fleece if necessary. The well-rooted sweet peas can be hardened off ready to be planted outside in spring when soil warms up.

Plant out

Sweet peas are hungry plants so add a special sweet pea fertiliser to the soil before you plant for the best results.

If you are growing the traditional tall sweet peas, grow them up strong supports; use trellis, sweet pea nettingor wigwams made of canes or hazel. Plant the sweet peas at the base of the supports when soil warms up in spring. Our Marberry Obelisk planter is a stylish way to grow tall sweet peas on a patio or in a courtyard garden.

In Containers Choose a compact trailing sweet pea such as Cupid for plants that will spill out of baskets and containers. These low growing sweet peas are just as sweet smelling and full of flowers as the tall varieties but the plants are bred to stay bushy and compact.

TIP:  When you’re planting tall sweet peas it helps to push in a few short, twiggy branches next to each plant to give the young sweet peas something to cling to until they are tall enough to reach the main supports.

As the plants grow, tie in the sweet pea stems to their supports using soft twine or special sweet pea rings.

If you don’t have anywhere to keep your own autumn sown sweet peas you can always order sweet pea plants, they’ll be delivered ready-to-plant in spring, in their own multi-sown cell trays.

However you grow them, our sweet peas are renowned for their range of colours they include bright strong colours and soft pastel shades, all of them are gorgeous!

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