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How to create a lavender hedge

05 April 2019 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Lavender hedge

Create a hedge of lavender and look forward to scented flowers every year in your garden. Individual lavender plants knit together well so are the ideal perennials to grow in a row and form a low hedge.

Lavenders are fantastic perennials: often flowering twice in one year, evergreen and putting up lots of flowers that are attractive to honey bees and great as cut flowers, fresh and dry. The other winning features are the scent and the medicinal properties of fragrant lavender oil, present in the leaves and the bark.

How to create your hedge

Get hold of one lavender plant per 20cm (8in) of how long you want your hedge to be. So a 1 metre (3 1/2ft) hedge requires five plants and a 3m (10ft) hedge requires 15 plants and so forth.

Prepare the ground. Lavenders are happy in poor soil or rich soil so long as they are receive full sun. If you have hard, clayey soil it would help to incorporate some organic farm manure to break up the soil for healthier roots and happier flowers.

Though very drought-tolerant in the long run water your plants thoroughly at the start, preferably with rain-water though water from a tap is sufficient.

Dig a small hole per 20cm (8in) stations along a row and plant the lavenders just covering the root balls of your plants.


When your plants start coming into flower give them a feed of sulphate of potash to encourage healthy and numerous blooms.

After your lavender has flowered in early to mid summer trim the spent flowers back and this will encourage them to put on a second flush of flowers in autumn for two displays every year.

Because lavender plants are evergreen your hedge is visually pleasing all year round and the leaves remain scented 365 days of the year.

We advise you replace your lavender hedge every five years as lavenders start to get woody and unproductive with age.  

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