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How to make your own leaf mould

22 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Make leaf mould

Leaf mould is easy to make and there are several methods, which method you choose largely depends on how big your garden is and how many trees overhang it.

  • The easiest way to get small quantities of leaf mould is to rake up the leaves and pack them into black plastic bags.
  • Puncture a few holes in the bags and damp down the leaves with a hose or watering can before tying the bags loosely and stashing them somewhere out of sight. Behind a shed or garage is ideal.

Most leaves take around 12 months to rot down so by next autumn you’ll have a supply of ready made leaf mould to use for mulching, or to bulk up soil and compost.

Make a leaf bin

If you have a lot of leaves to dispose of consider making a special leaf mould bin. This works on a similar principle to compost bins but it is very simple to make one yourself with wire-netting and posts.

  • Hammer four posts into the ground to cover the area where you want the bin to be.
  • Cut a piece of chicken wire long enough to go around all four posts and attach the chicken wire firmly to three sides. Don’t cut the wire.
  • Use the final quarter to form a closeable door. Keep it rigid by threading a stout bamboo cane through the vertical edge; or attach a batten, this will make it easy to fill (and empty) the bin with a wheelbarrow.

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