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How to protect container plants from wind damage.

18 February 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Sunday weather was lovely here, definitely a welcome lull in a dreadful few weeks of storms.
It was good to get out in the sunshine and take the chance to see what the storm had done. Despite the deluges some containers were very dry and some bedding plants had also been blown out of the compost.

Most years aren't this stormy thank goodness but it pays to bear in mind the weather when planting up containers, especially if they are in exposed locations. Containers in narrow passage ways can topple over if the space between house walls turns into a  mini ‘wind tunnel' when weather is turbulent. Roof terraces and high rise balconies are also prone to windy, gusty weather.

Here are a few tips to avoid wind damage:
Always try to plant into 'heavy' compost- a mix of soil-based John Innes type compost mixed with multi-purpose is a good choice for winter containers and also for semi-permanent plants.
A good weight of compost also helps to keep containers stable so they are less likely to blow over.

Choose containers that are as broad at the base as possible. Low, squat containers are normally more stable than tall slim ones.

If pots need to be very stable add some heavy bricks or stones to the base before filling with compost.
Avoid ‘ lollypop ‘ shaped plants and stake any tall plants securely. Trees in containers will normally need staking permanently .


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