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July 2013

11 July 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

There's a fine balance to be found when you love your garden. It's tempting to strive for perfection at all times and spend every minute pulling up weeds and deadheading, not to mention the thereapeutic effects of watering... but if you're constantly working in the garden when do you get the chance to relax and literally 'smell the roses'?

Pottering is relaxing but hedge trimming and grass cutting can be a bit of a chore if the weather is hot.

I once gardened for a school where there were vast laurel, privet, berberisand beech hedges. My first year they were cut entirely by hand, (and during a heatwave). I got a lovely tan (and several more muscles) but it certainly wasn't relaxing!

So make time to enjoy the view, raise your eyes above the soil sometimes. And long before your back is hurting or your'e hot and bothered just down tools and grab a cuppa... for no other reason than it's summer and you can!

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