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July 2013

22 July 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Thunder storms are threatened for tonight and tomorrow so it's a good time to check climbers and tall perennials and make sure they are securely staked.

Torrential rain batters tall feathery grasses such as calamagrostis too. Minimise the damage by wrapping some soft twine around the tall stems so the clump doesn't splay open in heavy rain.

It may seem silly to go out with the hose and water when rain is forecast but keeping soil relatively moist helps to minimise the risk of 'run off' - that's where where the downpour doesn't soak into the soil but just runs off it. In some areas this is a major risk for flooding.

Hoeing in dry weather also produces a fine surface crumb that helps the water to soak into the soil.
If your soil has cracked and parched it is probably clay. Brush some horticultural grit into the cracks to help improve the soil. But don't use sand, this will make the problem worse.

Dry, dusty soil is probably sandy, to improve it's water holding ability once the rain has fallen, act quickly to mulch the wet soil with garden compost or soil improver. This will seal in the moisture and help keep it in the soil for longer.

If you've been growing potatoes in sacks or tubs try emptying the soil left after harvesting onto the garden, this will also act as a moisture conserving mulch.

Finally if you are out and about driving after rain remember the roads can get really slippery!

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