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Keep Sweet peas in flower for a long as possible

25 September 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Cutting sweet peas

As well as sowing sweet peas at this time of year I’m also still picking them! Even in the windiest of weather and despite some recent sharp showers, they’ve stayed in bloom. The secret of getting a really long lasting display from these lovely annual plants is to keep picking them because this prevents the plants from setting seed.

if you pick a bunch for the house every week even a short row of Sweet peas will keep going until the frosts.

Tying them in regularly and starting off with strong supports also helps to keep the plants tangle free and more productive.

When the plants finally do succumb to frosts you can cut them down and compost them, but don’t pull up the plant in one go. One of the best ways to clear a row is to cut the stems low down on the plants and allow the top growth to wither and die; it is far less bulky and can be chopped straight back into the soil or put on the compost heap.

Sweet peas in common with all peas and beans fix nitrogen in the soil. If you look you’ll see their roots have lumpy nodules on them that do the job, so take advantage of this trait and use the spent plants to improve the soil fertility.

The roots that remain in the soil can be turned back into the soil as you cultivate the plot; releasing their nitrogen for the next crop.

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