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Kill garden pests the natural way

21 April 2015 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Nemasys rangePests are a menace to our gardens, damaging and eating the leaves and flowers of the plants that we as gardeners work hard to look their best.

We can reduce pest numbers as gardeners by exploiting natural predators in the ground. These microscopic predators are known as nematodes and we can encourage their activity by creating the right environment in the soil.

By taking advantage of these biological pest-killers, we’re simultaneously doing our bit environmentally and getting rid of garden pests naturally and safely.

Our Nemasys range of nematodes (above) is an easy-to-apply way to target the bad guys of our garden. Here are some of the spring / summer culprits.

Pat slugSlugs

The most hated and notorious of garden pests.

You probably notice when going out into your garden in the morning that healthy leaves the day before are the next day decimated with tell-tale slime trails.

The culprits are most certainly nocturnal slugs that live in the soil, waking up to ravage your beloved plants while you sleep. And slugs lay lots and lots of eggs, which mean generations just keep coming back.

Do your bit in interrupting this, and introduce Nemasys Nemaslug Natural Slug Killer. You just need to make sure the ground is over 5 degrees Celsius.

Use Nemasys Nemaslug Natural Slug Killer to eliminate these nasties

Pat vine weevil2Vine Weevils

Vine Weevils (right) are beetle-like, nocturnal creatures that have a real appetite at night for leaves (and petals) of many flowering plants. You’ll probably not see these critters very often, but you’ll certainly notice the damage they do.

Once well-fed, the adults produce larvae that cause havoc with plants by eating plant roots over winter. Eliminate the adults before they have chance to produce larvae and kill two birds with one stone. Again, just make sure the ground is over 5 degrees Celsius.

Use Nemasys Natural Vine Weevil Killer to eliminate these nasties


Codling mothFruit and vegetable pests

Rid the pests that target your well-worked-for crops.

Some insect varieties are devastating, such as gooseberry sawfly which cause extensive damage not just to gooseberries, but any related currant plant too like blackcurrants and redcurrants.

The caterpillars of codling moths (right) are on the wanted list as well, boring into the fruits of apple and pear trees during mid- to late-summer. Also on the wanted list are certain flies, causing havoc as well including onion fly, sciarid fly, and cabbage and carrot rootfly.

Use Nemasys Fruit and Vegetable Protection to eliminate these nasties

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