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March 2013

20 March 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

A couple of sparkling days have given way to yet more snow so the promise of spring is still on hold.

I’m moaning but we have got off fairly lightly in this part of the UK. Unlike the north and west that are really suffering.

So what CAN we do in the garden?

If you are under a heavy blanket of snow damage limitation is the only answer.

Check any tender plants that have been wrapped in fleece. Look out for signs of mould in the centre of the plants and loosen the wrapping to increase the airflow around the leaves if possible.

Consider giving hardy container plants a temporary home indoors. A cool porch is ideal.

Move pots off the ground if you can and don’t let soil in containers become waterlogged. There’s a real risk that wet compost will freeze and as the water in the compost expands pottery and stoneware containers are likely to crack.

If you think a plant may be dead, check it by gently scraping a tiny piece of bark from the stem. f the layer underneath is green the stem is ok. If it’s brown the stem is dead and your whole plant may have died.


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