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March is the start of some busy sowing months

10 March 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

We've had some lovely dry weather at last and despite some frosty nights it's beginning to feel like spring. .  It's time to get seeds sown and greenhouses organised so if you know you'll need compost, extra pots and a stash of new labels now is the time to order them. March is traditionally the start of some busy sowing months when greenhouse shelves and sunny windowsills begin to fill up with seed trays and young plants! 

 Whatever you choose to sow there are full sowing instructions on every seed packet including spacing and sowing depth to help you achieve the best results. Sowing times vary across the country; conditions in the north of the UK will vary from those in the warmer south so however tempted you are to sow seeds outside, if your soil is still waterlogged it's better to wait a few weeks to be certain of germination.  But you can still get an early start with flowers and salads and vegetables in the kitchen garden by sowing into modules. You can then  transplant the resulting plants when soil dries out and the risk of frost has passed.

Sowing indoors into cell trays or modules and using a window sill propagator guarantees your seedlings are kept frost free. It also means you can sow exactly the amount of plants you need. It's a great feeling of achievement when those first seedlings emerge and turn into spectacular flowering plants. If you've never tried growing from seed before give it a go this spring.

Easy seeds to start with are sweet peas and marigolds,  both will germinate reliably and the seedlings can be left in their cell trays for a while; this is handy  if you can only tend to your garden at weekends.  Whether you use them in an ornamental garden or want them for an allotment or kitchen garden plot these flowering annuals are also excellent for attracting pollinators to the plot.

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