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May 2013

02 May 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

March and April are normally manic with lots of jobs to do but this spring has been a slow dawdle not a mad rush! Today, despite it being the first week of May,  there was a weather forecast that predicted snow on the hills in the highlands of Scotland...so we are not entirely out of the woods yet!  But summer is almost here, at least in most parts of the British Isles!

Don't despair of getting a lovely garden, however slow the onset of summer. Even if it's very late the seasons normally adjust, and  just think what we were facing last year. All the early signs were for a dry arid summer and then it famously turned into the 'wettest drought on record'!

There is still plenty of time to get vegetables such as runner and French beans in the ground.

Basket and container plants will happily wait in the wings until the risk of frost has passed.

And young plants can make a good root system in a warm sheltered place while they are waiting to get their feet permanently into the soil.

A glorious explosion of plants all at once instead of each different plant flowering  in succession. One of the bonuses of an odd season is the way plants combine in ways that wouldn't normally happen. In my garden there are hellebores in full flower, primroses in their prime and tulips and daffodills rubbing shoulders in the border. 

I'm curious to see what might pop up next; the bearded Irises look ready to burst into bloom in response to a few really warm sunny days here in the south, but the roses that would normally be nipping at their heels are still weeks behind.

They say that it takes at least 10 growing seasons to be an experienced gardener and much longer than that to have experienced everything the garden can throw at us.

Most of us have learned something from the last few years of bitter cold or excessive wet  and quite possibly we'll be learning lots from this year too... But that's what makes gardening such an absorbing activity!



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