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Plant Dormant Bare root Perennials

02 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Plant Dormant Bare root Perennials

This is the time of year when many plants are happy to rest and take it a bit easy. They are going through their dormant phase, biding their time until spring and waiting for warmer temperatures to encourage them back into life.

Bare root perennials are dormant plants supplied with bare roots; planted now they will establish more quickly and flower earlier than pot grown perennials and they’ll get bigger and better to return every year. As well as being excellent border plants many perennials also make wonderful cut flowers.

How to plant bare root perennials.

Your dormant, bare root plants will be delivered at the right time for planting. Normally between autumn and early spring, depending on weather conditions.

When they arrive

Unpack immediately and plant as soon as possible after delivery. Don’t let the roots to dry out! 

Before Planting

Dig over the planting area in advance and remove any perennial weeds, and old plant debris. Improve the soil if necessary with soil improver or garden compost to give plants the best possible start.

Soak the roots in a bucket of cold water for a couple of hours prior to planting.

Growing instructions

Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots without cramping them.

Loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole and add soil improver if necessary

Biennials and Herbaceous perennials Position the plant so its crown or stem is level with the soil.

All plants Fill the planting hole with soil to cover the roots and firm in gently.

Water well to settle soil around the roots.

Plants may not look as if they are doing much during the winter but underground they are making strong roots to ensure a head start next spring.

Winter and spring rains will keep the roots moist while any winter sunshine helps to ripen the wood. Hold moisture in the soil and avoid competition from weeds by mulching and clear a space around any newly planted trees or shrubs to keep the soil weed free.

Dormant perennials are ideal if you are creating a new exciting flower border, or just want to some fabulous herbaceous plants to fill gaps in the garden, buying perennials when they’re dormant is a really cost effective way of filling a garden with flowers. Find all of our bare root perennial range online and revive your borders or cutting garden next summer.


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