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Plant Tulip bulbs

23 October 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

The ideal time to plant Tulip bulbs is between October and November, but if you are really pushed for time they can go in as late as December.
Tulip bulbs need sunshine and a period of cold in order to flower well.


It makes sense to plant bulbs as soon as you receive them but planting Tulip bulbs as late as December won't affect next years flowers.  Bad storage will! So make sure the bulbs are stored somewhere frost free, cool, dark and airy and protect them from rodents.

When you are ready to plant choose firm bulbs; discard any that are soft or have signs of mould or rot.

Plant tulip bulbs from October to November.  Plant the bulbs at a depth of at least three times their height, into free draining soil in a sunny site. Avoid planting bulbs in soil that gets waterlogged; and on heavy soils add grit to the planting hole to prevent bulbs rotting.

Tulips are native to hot dry regions of Iran and Turkey where they thrive on very free-draining soils. The bulbs enjoy hot summer sunshine but they also need a period of winter cold to produce the best flowers.

Plant tulips in containers of gritty compost f you garden on wet, heavy soil. Plant bulbs at a depth of at least three times the bulb’s height.

 After care

Deadhead the spent flowers to stop the bulbs from diverting energy into seed production.

Let the tulip leaves die down naturally and don’t be tempted to cut them back early. The foliage needs to absorb energy back to the bulb to ensure next years flowers. 

Tulips are grouped into 15 classes. These classes are based on a number of factors including flowering times, flower type and shape. 

From dainty species tulips to the more flamboyant Parrot tulips, elegant Lily-flowered and Triumph tulips, or full petalled Peony-flowered tulips they are all worth growing. 

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