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Planting tulips in a winter-to-spring container

03 December 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Plant a winter-to-spring container

If you plant tulip bulbs  deeply into containers and then top the pots off with winter-flowering bedding plants you'll have plenty of colour throughout winter and it will carry on into early summer once the last bulbs emerge. Even if you have a tiny garden with no room for them in the borders tulips do really well in pots.

We've used some mid season tulips and teamed them with winter pansies a long lasting container display but you can choose any tulip variety and any winter or spring bedding plants that take your fancy.

Here's how to do it

Step 1 Place some drainage crocks such as broken pots or tiles into the bottom of the pot and fill a third full with compost, you can use a special bulb compost or a good multipurpose compost.

Step 2 Position the bulbs on top of the compost with the pointed end of the bulb pointing upwards. Keep the bulbs close but don't let them touch.

Step 3 Cover the bulbs with compost to the correct depth (around three times their depth for tulips) but leave enough space at the top of the container to plant the bedding.

Step 4 Plant the bedding plants on top; firming them in and planting so the root ball is thoroughly buried. Don't worry that the plants are closely spaced-everything will find its own space to grow!

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