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Resolva Liquid Shots - kill weeds in your garden fast

08 April 2015 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Pat resolva weedkiller liquid shotsResolva – Weedkiller 24h liquid shots

Weeds are not only ugly, they rob your favourite plants, fruit and vegetables of water, food and sunlight. They also provide homes for pesky pests and diseases.

Why use Resolva – Weedkiller 24h liquid shots?

Make sure weeds in your garden don’t get a hold and your favourite garden plants will thank you for it. Without weeds you’ll notice your desired plants will grow more and flower more.

Resolva Weedkiller 24h liquid shots are effective, and give quick and impressive results. Once you eliminate weeds your garden plants are more likely to thrive.

What it does

The super-concentrated granular weed-killer gets to work fast and attacks even the most stubborn weeds in your garden including thorny brambles and Japanese knotweed. It will also wipe out irritating leafy, annual weeds like hairy bittercress and chickweed. Here are some more benefits of this no-nonsense weedkiller;

  • You’ll see results in 24 hours

  • Available in packs of 6 liquid shots or 12 liquid shots to suit your garden size.

  • Contains glyphosate – a chemical that gets right into the weed’s ‘nervous system’- killing not just leaves and young shoots but the all-important roots too

  • Super concentrate so a little goes a long way

  • Easy to use and apply

  • Clear instructions on how to use the product for great results

What else you may need to know

As, with all weedkillers - read the label and product information so you are well-informed of the best weather conditions to apply Resolva Weedkiller 24h liquid shots for the best results. Remember to wear protective gloves and be sure to apply the product safely.

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