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Rest Hippeastrum Bulbs

24 December 2014 | Posted in Gardening by

Hippeastrum Benfica AGM - Amaryllis BulbsOne of the most popular flowers over the Christmas period is Hippeastrum or Amaryllis but more often than not people will just buy a new bulb every year. It’s perfectly possible to keep your bulb after it’s finished and make it flower for next year. It could be that your Hippeastrum is still in flower but when it’s finished here is what you can do to.

  • When individual flowers start to withers cut them off so that the plant does not waste energy forming seeds.
  • When all flowers have finished, cut the stem back to two inches above the bulb. Don’t remove any leaves.
  • Keep it in a well lit room, out of direct sunlight, Water if and when necessary. You may notice more leaves appearing.
  • When summer comes you can plant it out in a sunny, well draining spot in your garden or patio. Sink the pot into your garden because they don’t like to be transplanted but rather like being pot bound.
  • When summer ends, you’ll notice some of the leaves turning yellow. This is normal and you should cut them back when they start to fade. Leaves any leaves that don’t fade.
  • Bring the bulbs indoors before the first frost and store them in a cool (12°C), dimly lit room for 6-8 weeks. Don’t water during this period.
  • 6-8 weeks before you want it to flower again you should:
  • Refresh the top inch of compost in your pot
  • Water once and move to a warm room
  • Do not water again until you can see active growth
  • Remove any dead material around the neck of the bulb

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