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Seed Sowing Indoors

22 October 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

sowing seed indoors

Sowing indoors in cell trays makes seed sowing easier and less work because you can see exactly how many plants you are likely to get and they won't need nearly so much work when it comes to pricking out and planting.

With large seeds such as broad beans, sweet peas and peas it's easy to put one seed per pot, use a 9 cell tray for larger seeds or special extra-deep pots called root trainers for sweet peas.  If seed is fine like poppies and foxgloves use a tiny pinch of seed for each pot or sow into 24 cells (or 48 cells if you need a lot of plants.)

The smaller the cell the more carefully you need to water - seeds hate overwatering just as much as drought! And be prepared to pot the seedlings up into larger cells if their roots have filled the cells they're in.

 Step by step

Each Unwins seed packet has instructions re sowing depth and what temperature the seeds need to germinate.

1 Sow at the right depth and temperature (look on the seed packet)

2 Water carefully use a fine, gentle spray to avoid displacing the seed.

3 Put the trays or pots on a windowsill or pop cell trays into an electric propagator at the temperature required.

If you want to use a propagator but don't have power in the greenhouse try Unwins Windowsill Propagator it's a brilliant piece of kit with interchangeable seed trays, a lid that is deep enough for developing seedlings and fuss free watering.

Our customers have already left some 5 star reviews and told us how much they liked it.


- As a quick rule of thumb: bury large seeds around 1cm deep, cover small seeds with a sprinkling of soil and fine seed can just be gently pressed onto the surface of the compost.

- If you are new to growing from seed it's worth remembering that many varieties have enough seeds in each seed packet for a large amount of plants. Very fine seed may have over a 1000 individual seeds in each packet!

It takes huge self control but if you only want half a dozen plants at any one time only sow enough seeds to give this amount. And make sure you have enough space to keep, and subsequently plant the seedlings once they germinate.

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