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September 2013

08 September 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Despite my absence the garden has survived almost unscathed, lucky I know, but while I was away some sharp showers kept most plants ticking over so there was no real damage done. The only real disappointment was the sweet peas, they really do need picking every week or so, and mine have gone to seed spectacularly!

The containers looked a bit unkempt too, but a bit of deadheading soon spruced them up and once the grass had been cut the garden was almost back to rights with only some heavy-duty weeding left for the weekend.

I has definitely been a good year for the sweetcorn, it's loved the sunshine and showers and every cob has been sweet and juicy, a real tea time treat when picked straight off the plant and into a pan of boiling water.

Elsewhere in  the veg plot things haven't been so productive.  I love butterflies, but the cabbage white caterpillars have decimated my broccoli plants. I even sowed a decoy crop of nasturtiums to lure them away, but it didn't work- The caterpillars even started on the cleome plants in the borders and my stocks (also part of the  brassica family) are reduced to stumps.

I'll definitely be paying more attention to covering crops with nets next year.

Rudbeckias have kept the garden really colourful, cardoons and roses look wonderful and the achilleas and penstemon just go on and on.



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