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Set up the perfect lawn for summer

18 March 2016 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

You can achieve a lush, green lawn to the envy of your neighbours.


Now that the weather is getting warmer and the evenings lighter, you can get into the garden and start on the jobs that will get your garden looking fantastic for the season ahead. Preparing the lawn is a great job to start now, and what’s more it will thank you for it. Just follow our tips below for what you can be doing now;

Know your lawn

Who uses your lawn? Your pets? Children? Or indeed yourself?

There are a range of different grass mixes, depending on how much traffic your lawn gets.
Does your grass get a lot of wear and tear? Then choose a multi-purpose lawn mix or a really tough-grass mix.

These mixes are fast to germinate and quick to establish. They’re good to create a dense lawn and has particularly good tolerance to wear and tear.

Do you want a ‘keep-off-the-grass’-quality lawn? Then choose a luxury lawn mix with bents and fescues. They are very much luxury grasses and create a lovely lush finish. Just think of those two-tone striped lawns.

Any bare patches to see to?

It’s good to cast an eye over the lawn to see if there are any patches that could do with a bit of TLC. It’s usual that some areas are more prone to drying out than others or receive more wear and tear. Rest assured – these are repairable and re-seeding is a great job you can do now.

Moss taking a hold?

Patches of moss in the lawn can be unsightly and usually indicate problems with soil acidity levels. This is redeemable and you can reduce the amount of moss by tending to the lawn throughout the year – March included. Use a moss-killer or soil acidity neutraliser and resolve the problem.

Shunt out the weeds

Even with the most fastidious care weeds can take a hold in your lawn, robbing grass roots of essential nutrients and moisture and ruining the overall visual effect. Dandelions and daisies are the best-known culprits, and create a headache for a lot of gardeners. You can grub out dandelion roots manually or apply a weedkiller, specially selected to kill the broad-leaved weeds, leaving grass unharmed.

Feed the lawn well

Once you’ve made the first cut of the season, which should be a mere trim at this stage, you can put the lawn in good stead by treating it to a feed, high in nitrogen and trace elements that it will truly appreciate.

The tools for the job


To finish the lawn to a high standard you’d do well to invest in a few tools- not only to make your job easier and less back-breaking, but also to get the best results. Here are a couple of tools you can get your hands on to add to your collection.

Edging spades allow lawn edges to look the business. Make sure the blade is hard-wearing and lightweight for ease of handling and durability. Get in a habit of finishing your lawn to top quality and see the fantastic results.


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