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Sow an unusual grass from seed in November

30 October 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Corynephorus 3021-0281

This grass lives up to its name of ‘Spiky Blue'; it has spiky blue-grey tufts that look wonderful all year round and it makes a lovely thick and bushy container plant. This perennial grass thrives in very well-drained, sandy, acid to neutral soil and like most grasses it enjoys a hot, sunny position; so a pot on a south facing patio or a sunny border would be an ideal location .

If you are planting corynephorus in the border this unusual grass contrasts well with other evergreen plants such as heathers and sedum and it also looks superb with spring and summer bulbs.

Grasses aren't hard to grow from seed, here's how:


Sow seed onto the surface of good seed compost in a tray or pot and cover with a sprinkling of compost. Water gently and keep in warmth at 20C/70F, keeping the soil just moist but not wet.

When seedlings appear thin them out and transplant carefully into individual cell trays to grow them on.

48 cell trays are an ideal size for tiny seedlings,you can pot them up into larger cells as they grow.

Plant the grasses into their final positions outside when they've formed a strong root system.

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