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Sow Oriental vegetables

25 June 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Oriental vegetables such as Pak Choi, Chinese cabbage and Mizuna yield plenty of delicious leaves and they add a different texture and flavour to summer meals.

These Oriental salad leaves put on the most growth as the days shorten so they'll keep going when other salad greens may be starting to bolt. Use them to add colour and crunch to stir fries and salads.

How to sow Oriental vegetables

Sow the seed thinly along a shallow row, sow directly outside where you want the seeds to grow. Water the row before sowing if the weather is dry. Cover the row by raking along it to cover the seeds finely. Protect from disturbance by cats and protect emerging seedlings from slugs and snails. Use a chemical control such as pellets, or use an organic method such as nematodes, beer traps or eggshells.

Thin the rows when the seedlings are a few centimetres tall and use the thinned seedlings as micro greens; final spacing for mature plants is around 15cm/6inbetween plants.

Keep Oriental vegetables well watered in dry spells and continue to protect from slugs and snails. Once the plants have matured you can pinch out the tops of any that are threatening to bolt; they’ll reward you with lots more tasty leaves.

You can either harvest plants individually or use as a cut and come again crop.

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