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Sowing Broad Beans

28 October 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family


Meteor Vroma  is one of the earliest Broad beans to crop so you could wait until spring to sow it, but you can also sow these broad beans in autumn while soil is warm for fast germination and even more of a head start. Aquadulce Claudia is probably the most famous autumn sown broad bean along with The Sutton and they are both well loved and successful varieties. 

sowing broad beans   

How to sow  broad beans

Inside - Fill individual small pots or 9-cell trays with good multi purpose compost.

Sow each seed on its side and push it gently into the soil to cover.

Water using a fine spray to avoid washing the seed out of the compost.

Label the pots and put the trays on a warm windowsill, greenhouse or in the propagator; a week or so later the seeds will have germinated. Once the young plants have their true leaves (as opposed to the two ‘seed leaves' called cotyledon leaves) and they are growing strongly with a good root system; plant them 20cm/8in apart in their final positions outside.

Outside- sow into a weed free and prewatered shallow depression in the soil (called a drill). Space seeds 20cm/8in apart and cover with 1cm of soil.

Broad beans are hardy but be prepared to protect plants with fleece or a cloche in severe weather.

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