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The beguiling beauty of begonias

25 April 2019 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Beg heroBegonias are a joy to the gardener for their colour, their exotic appearance and their versatility in the garden. Read why Begonia Illuminations are top on the list for summer bedding and how to show off your begonias to their best.

Author: Patrick Wiltshire

Image (right): Malcolm Evans




beg shadeA deeper shade of pale

Bring colour to shady parts of your garden with bright and vibrant Begonia Illuminations. If you want to add that bit of summer cheer to a dark corner or recess in your garden you won't go far wrong with a hanging basket full of Begonia Illuminations.




An automatic summer-long scene

Begonia Illumination varieties have a summer-long display of flowers lasting from June right until October, because they are forever regenerating their flowers. No need to dead-head Begonia Illuminations. The flowers fall off automatically when they wither and die so all you need is a sweeping brush nearby to clean up the petals every now and then.


Exotic-looking yet great for the UK

Begonia Illumination varieties are as beautiful in leaf as they are in flower on account of their tropical-looking, dragon-like leaves. The leaves give your displays a look of exotic planting, yet Begonia Illuminations has been bred to cope well in shade and the wet summers we are unfortunately prone to here in the UK.


Beg fernComplementary plant textures

Begonia Illumination varieties look amazing in their own right, but you can create interesting texture contrast with other plants. When planting Begonia Illuminations in baskets try planting with a fern in the centre of your basket (right) and place the Illumination plants around the edge to tumble over.






beg vertColour for green walls

Vertical gardening is currently all the rage especially as our gardens get smaller and smaller and we have to use all available space as efficiently as possible. If you have a green wall of plants, fill pockets here and there with Begonia Illumination for warm summer colour highlights among green foliage plants.

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