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Top tips to take care of your lawn

10 June 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Ample rain and spells of sunshine have encouraged everything in the garden to put a spurt on and grass is no exception. Weekly mowing keeps the lawn looking good and encourages stronger growth. 

Top Mowing tips

Mow when the grass is dry if possible. On sunny days that means allowing the dew to burn off the grass before getting the mower out. It’s better for the grass because the risk of ‘scalping’ the lawn is less, and safer for you because you’re less likely to slip on dry grass.

Wear sensible shoes. Sandals may seem like a good idea in summer but all mowers are lethally sharp. Hover mowers in particular can move very fast, and if your toes are in the way....! Common sense when mowing on sloping surfaces is key.

Brush debris off the lawn before you start mowing. Gravel and stones can soon wreck mower blades so inspect lawns for debris and remove it.

Use a push mower and you’ll keep fit and save money on fuel!

Leaving the clippings on the lawn adds nitrogen back into the soil which helps to deter weeds such as clover from taking hold.

Collecting the clippings and adding them to the compost heap increases the heat of the heap and helps speed up the composting process.  

You can also use grass clippings as mulch around shallow rooted plants such as raspberries, to keep moisture in the soil.

A thick layer of grass clippings will also keep light from your potato tubers. In effect you're  ‘earthing up’ with grass clippings.

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