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Weather is wet and windy but at least it's warm!

06 February 2014 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Weather is wet and windy but at least it's warm!

We keep waiting for the forecast to say it's turning colder, but so far 2014 has stayed surprisingly warm.  This unseasonal weather isn't good news.  Many plants have started into premature spring growth, so when a cold snap does arrive it will kill any soft early growth and more worryingly may kill the new buds just breaking on fruit trees and bushes. Keep an eye on the forecast and cover vulnerable plants with fleece.

 If you spend the week at work it's tough to be confined indoors at the weekend. Even in February most keen gardeners would rather be outside, especially on cold crisp days; admiring early spring bulbs or winter flowering shrubs and trees - but these gale force winds and lashing rain are not good for us or for the garden- so for now the spring tidy up outside will have to wait but there are still some jobs that can be done to make spring seem closer.

 Damage limitation

In any lulls in the bad weather take the opportunity to get outside and secure vulnerable plants to stakes or trellis and move containers that could get damaged in squally winds.

Bring lightweight garden furniture into a sheltered spot too. This is especially important if you have a greenhouse that could be damaged by debris. The winds have been gusting over 60mph in many parts of the UK, easily strong enough to uplift furniture.

Play safe by choosing a greenhouse with toughened glass. It's a wise move anyway but essential for very exposed or windy gardens.

 Start sowing seeds.

With a windowsill propagator and some seed trays it's possible to start sowing early flowers such as antirrhinums, sweet peas and pansies. All these seeds will germinate at relatively low temperatures so they'll be perfectly happy started off now.

Salads, broad beans, cabbages and herbs can also all be sown this month but don't be tempted to sow carrots in modules, they don't transplant well and the roots will fork so sow them direct when weather calms down a bit and soil is workable.


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