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What seeds to sow in September

20 September 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Growing from seed is fun; children love to help and whatever your skill level you'll get results.

So whether you're a new gardener or an experienced grower we're sure you'll find something exciting to grow in our seed ranges and plenty of useful accessories. Growing from seed could become a lifelong passion.

Spring is often thought of as prime seed-sowing time, (rising soil temperatures and frequent showers in spring encourage seeds to germinate quickly). But there are plenty of seeds that can also be sown in autumn. Hardy annuals and perennials fit the bill perfectly because they germinate at cool temperatures and the seedlings are able to cope with winter weather.

The advantages of sowing in autumn are stronger plants that will flower earlier than their spring sown counterparts.

All Unwins seeds are guaranteed to give excellent results. But if you are new to seed sowing or want to encourage youngsters to have a go try our Gro-sure range of seeds. Because the pelleted seeds are easy to handle they are perfect for anyone who finds it hard to see or handle fine seed.  There are hundreds of different seeds in the Gro-sure range including vegetables and flowers plus herbs and salads.

Little Growers is another seed range that will appeal to green-fingered youngsters, and their teachers!

September is traditionally ‘back to school' month and if the youngsters in your family are eager to grow something, or involved with a school garden, inspire them to start their own small plot or raised bed at home. Our Little Growers seed range has veg and salads as well as flowers and everything is designed to be fun and easy to sow; plus they'll help attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies into your garden.

But even if your only garden is a windowsill, one marigold plant grown from seed in a pot makes a brilliant winter and spring indoor pot plant!

Get the kids gardening like professionals in no time with Unwins Little Growers Propagation Kit to make sowing fun and informative. The kit comes complete with a packet of marigold seeds, a progress chart and all the tools and labels needed, just add seed trays and compost.

Who knows? Your little grower may turn out to be the next gardening whizz kid!

 Salad leaves

Salads are a main stay of the summer garden but despite cooler temperatures and shorter days there are still some salad leaves that can be sown outside now.  One of the hardiest is Land Cress also known as American salad cress.  It has a pungent watercress flavour but unlike watercress it doesn't need running water to thrive. Just keep soil reliably moist for the best crop of young leaves.

Corn salad also known as Lamb's Lettuce is another tasty salad leaf that will keep cropping in cool weather.

Sow Land cress and Lamb's lettuce now, directly where you want them to grow, and harvest when the leaves are large enough to snip from the plant. Both Land cress and Lamb's Lettuce are hardy enough to survive winter temperatures.

Over wintering peas such as 'Douce Provence' can also be sown now for an early harvest. But if you are a fan of pea shoots in salads why not sow some extra peas to use as a swanky salad leaf!

Sow the peas indoors in cell trays or outside in the veg plot, either way you'll get an extra winter salad crop.

These days the vast majority of seeds will germinate successfully but there is a country saying about seed sowing (especially peas and beans) that goes like this: ‘One for the mouse, one for the crow, one to rot and one to grow'!

Luckily, with careful watering and a bit of protection from pests such as mice and pigeons all your seeds should flourish.



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