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What to sow in November

30 October 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Tough perennial plants such as sea hollies (Eryngium) and many plants that originate from alpine areas, need a period of cold to trigger them into life. Sowing them at this time of year gives the seeds just the stimulus they need to germinate and flower next summer.

You can sow perennial plants outside in a seedbed but the most reliable method is to sow the seed into cell trays or small pots. Keep them outside somewhere cool and sheltered where they won't be disturbed by mice or birds; the seeds will germinate once weather warms up in spring.

When the seedlings have made sturdy little plants with a strong root system, they can be planted outside.

 Many hybrid violas and winter flowering pansies have also been bred from alpine species so they prefer cool temperatures, and they don't need a lot of warmth to germinate. if you don't have a greenhouse have a go at sowing pansies and violas on a cool windowsill indoors or in a shed or sheltered porch.

 If you prefer to sow something edible for the kitchen garden then hardy salads such as Lettuce Winter Density will tough out most winter weather

And a pot of herbs on a sunny windowsill can be sown throughout the year.

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