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Wildflowers -Great British Garden Revival

10 December 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

wildflowers and grasses        Not everyone will have an expanse of rough grass to fill but wildflowers can be sown almost anywhere and the good news is they won't need perfect soil to thrive, in fact the poorer the soil the better. If you're worried that grasses might take over you can always add grass later, after the flowers have established successfully.

Last summer I did a bit of front garden wildflower experimenting and the results were fantastic! No I don't have acres of front garden, it's a postage stamp! But I do live on the edge of fields so wanted a pretty but not overly formal garden and I wanted it in a hurry! Just having moved in to the house I didn't have any spare cash so the lawn was stripped and inexpensive seeds of cornflowers, poppies and wild flowers were sprinkled over bare soil in spring- the results exceeded my expectations.

 Monty may not say it but the key thing is to wait and don't panic if it looks a bit wanton at first- those flowers WILL appear!

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