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Winter Berries

16 December 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

Whatever the verdict on this old wives' tale our perimeter hedges are awash with berries of every shape and size. Maybe time to order that snow shovel?

Rosehips come in all shapes and sizes from tiny black hips of the Scotch roses to bright red flagon-shaped hips of Rosa moyesii.

But there are lots of other fruits and berries such as cotoneaster,  the scented fruits of chaenomeles-commonly known as Japanes Quince, crab apples such as spectacular Golden Hornet and the dainty sprays of  hawthorn. So if hips and haws really are the sign of a bad winter we may be in for a similar cold snap to the one that hit in late January last year...BRRRRRR!

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