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Wisley Flower Show 2015

15 September 2015 | Posted in Gardening by The Unwins Family

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Late last week we were lucky enough to get down to the gorgeous RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey, with its lovely settings, so we could visit the Wisley Flower Show and see the nurseries that exhibited, as well as peruse the garden at large to see which parts were looking at their best in the late summer.

We were lucky enough to get a beautiful day weather-wise, with blue sky lasting for the entire day. Great news for the RHS Garden as the great numbers of garden enthusiasts made their way through the entrance gates.

There was a lot to see throughout the day; here are just some of the highlights.

Tradestands and exhibitors

Over fifty specialists in the horticultural world exhibited on the fine Friday last week. From the best of bulbs to stunning shrubs and trees the Seven Acres area of the Garden was lit up with the most glorious of flower colours.

Wis HeucheraThere was many a purchase to be had, and a much appreciated plant crèche for all those bought plants. One of the best ideas we gleaned was Heuchera grown in hanging baskets. Heucheraholics (right) had a fun village-fete inspired display and some of the varieties were shown growing in baskets. The bold leaves of Heuchera plants make a real impact. Just pop the baskets in semi- to full-shade and they'll thrive. They'll have visitors to your garden impressed as they fancy you quite the garden aficionado!

Now that the bulb-planting season is upon us, it was great to see all the many shapes and sizes of autumn-planting bulbs from the gigantic Hippeastrum bulbs for Christmas flowers indoors to the array of daffodil varieties to minute Chionodoxa bulbs.

Wis perennialsAmong the stands were herbaceous and shrubby plants that come into their own in late summer (right) and through the autumn. If you're a gardener that loves seeing turning leaves try growing acers, and perennials like Gillenia trifoliata and shrubs like Ceratostigma and Berberis which produces bright-red berries in autumn too.

The National Dahlia Society Show put on an indoor display of exhibition-worthy cut dahlia flowers.  Dahlias are flowers that a re split down into types as some grow pom-pom type flowers, some grow cactus-flowers and others grow miniature flowers. There's a flower for everyone.



Wis dahlia basketOnce you've marvelled at the many breath-taking dahlias, you may very well want some advice on how you can achieve these excellent blooms. Look no further than the RHS Expert Zone a pop-up tent where visitors could learn about the tricks of the trade, how to propagate plants to their best and produce the healthiest and most prolific of flowers (right).

RHS Garden Wisley in late summer

The show is venued in a great garden. And Wisley on a warm late-summer day is a pleasure to be at. While perusing the garden we came across some great ideas that you can take home to try in your garden.

Lawns to lift your spirits

Wis lawnEven on rainy days, the sight of a well-manicured lawn is enough to cheer you up. Look at these interlaced stripes (right) - a little different to regular stripes. This effect looks artistic and it certainly got a few reactions - with most visitors being suitably impressed.

Geometric bedding designs

It's not just lawns that can look refreshingly modern and slick. Experiment with colour patterns with a flower bed or two. The great things about bedding is that you can assess it at the end of the season. If you liked the effect, do it again the following year. If not, simply dig the bedding up when the blooms are over, compost it and try another design. It's garden design at its most fun! 

Seas of colour-contrasts

Wis rudbeckiasThe beautiful perennial Rudbeckia (right) really illuminates any flower bed, but they practically shine when planted in front of a white or light-colour back-drop. In the Bowes-Lyon Rose Garden a river of yellow Rudbeckias creates a 'yellow brick road' that shines in front of a light-leaf shrub. Weeping pears make great light-coloured backdrops.

A carpet of cyclamen

In RHS Garden Wisley's Pinetum the impressive champion pines and other conifers are underplanted with cyclamen so that the ground is bejewelled with pink, purples and whites of this lovely bulb-like flower. If you have dry shade in your garden, perhaps under a tree, try adding some corms (bulb-like structures) of autumn-flowering or spring-flowering cyclamen.

Turning-leaf colours

Wis autumnEven in mid-September there's evidence of an up-coming autumn (right). Some of the maples and sumachs are colouring up already. Some fantastic garden contenders for gorgeous autumn colour include Viburnum opulus - the Guelder rose, Cornus sanguinea and Norway maple.

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