Blueberry Bluegold - 5L Potted Plant

£17.49 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Superfood for all the family
  • Thrives in UK climate
  • Attractive colour in autumn

Everyone needs a blueberry bush in their garden so look no further than the blueberry Blue Gold. Extremely low in calories, the blueberry is one of the easier fruits to grow. You will be able to harvest punnet after punnet each year in your own back garden.

However if you do not have a lot of space, this variety of blueberry is the perfect addition to your patio or balcony as they are happy to thrive in containers. They are one of the most productive fruits, providing up to five large punnets of sweet and succulent berries in the first year.

These blueberries are a perfect example of a super-food that are full of cold-fighting antioxidants and taste great whether eaten straight from the bush or put into smoothies. They also provide an ornamental feature as not only can you pick the fruit throughout the summer as it ripens, but it will also give you glorious autumn foliage when there are no more berries to harvest.

Your blueberry bush will arrive to you in a 5 litre pot with an already-established root network. The pot is wrapped in a polythene bag to keep the root area moist, with a layer of corrugated cardboard to keep it secure in transit. Once received, simply remove all layers and replant to a larger container, firming in well. You can transplant containerised plants at any time of the year, just avoid transplanting into frozen soils in winter or in summer in the midday sun.

You can keep your plants in the 5l pot as long as you make sure the root area is nice and humid and the roots feel moist. Keep your plants in a light, cool position away from full sun like an unheated porch or greenhouse.

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Catalogue Number 1060-5670
  • Quantity 1x 5L potted plant
  • Height Eventual 2m/8ft. Spread 1.5m/5ft

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£17.49 each
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