Brachyscome Royal Blue - Plants x3

£7.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Attracts Bees
  • Hard working flowers in big numbers
  • Great for containers
  • Attractive to aphid-eating hoverflies 

Brachyscome Royal Blue is a free-flowering annual plant producing lots of buds each day revealing pretty and dainty blue-purple starry flowers with contrasting yellow centres and attractive needle-like leaves.

Every flower is packed with pollen attracting pollinating insects like hoverflies, which naturally keep garden pests like caterpillars and aphids down, saving your flower garden and your hard work from pest damage.

Ideal for growing in pots and baskets, we recommend you grow Brachyscome around the sides, positioning three young plants to a 30cm (12in) diameter container. Place upright flowers in the centre like busy Lizzies or calibrachoas to contrast well.

Easy to care for, Royal Blue thrives in any soil that is kept moist and in sunny positions in the garden or parts that receive sun for some of the day. Treat to a liquid feed, high in potash, to encourage strong flowering through the summer.

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Catalogue Number 5120-1332
  • Quantity 3x Young Brachyscome Plants
  • Height 20cm / 8in

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£7.99 each
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