Brassica Collars x30

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  • Pest-free harvests
  • Perfect for organic gardening
  • Effective and bio-degradable

Ensure success of your home-grown cabbages. Brassica Collars offer a simple yet effective way to stop the cabbage root fly in its tracks, a notorious allotment pest that can cause serious damage to your brassica crops including broccolicabbagescauliflowers, calabrese and Brussels sprouts.

Stop cabbage root flies laying eggs by placing collars over the base of your young plants at planting time. This barrier method is perfect for organic growers who are not keen on using chemical products on their harvests.

At planting time in May press down your young plants into the ground and slide the collar around the base of the plant using the wavy slit in the collar. 

These effective collars move with the thickening and growing of the stem, avoiding restriction to the growth of your brassicas. The collars have the added benefit of keeping the soil under the plants warmed for good root growth and suppressing weeds around your plants.

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  • Quantity 30x Protective Collars

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£3.49 each
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