Brassica Growing Accessories

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To Grow the best Brassica Plants....

We have selected these excellent, best selling products to make growing the best Brassicas  job easier and less costly!

By buying the Fertiliser, Collars and Insect Netting together you will be saving £10.40!

Brassica Collars (x30) offer a simple solution to stop Cabbage Root Fly, a pest that can cause serious damage to your brassica crops including broccoli, cabbages, cauliflowers, calabrese and brussels sprouts. Stop cabbage root flies laying eggs by placing collars over the base of your young plants. This barrier method often proves more effective than chemicals.

Pre-Planting Brassica Feed 800g Tub-This is the perfect fertiliser for all brassicas, it has just the right balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium for healthy growth. It also has added Boron to boost the production of strong roots and shoots as well as Manganese which plays a major part in growth and development of plants. Our fertiliser comes in a handy re-sealable sprinkler dispenser for safe and easy pouring. NPK 27:6:6

Insect Netting- This is the only insect netting we know of that won’t fray when you cut it, making it perfect for attaching to a framework! Made from lightweight (17gsm) knitted fabric, it can also be laid directly onto your crops without causing damage or hindering their growth. Water and air pass through – but pests such as carrot fly and whitefly are blocked. The netting also gives some protection for your crops from high winds and heavy rains creating a safe micro-climate.

Size: 7ft x 13ft/2.2m x 4m

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  • Quantity 1 x Brassica Feed, Insect Netting, 30 Brassica Collars

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