Budget Composter

£49.00 each

Fantastic-value composting solution. Expertly designed so air gets to your green waste continually, turning it into usable rich and nutritious soil fast.

For just £50 you have 439 litres of room for green waste including grass clippings and plant stems. That’s just 12p for every litre of space within.

Quick and easy to assemble this timeless timber composter, pressure-treated against rot, looks natural and fits in with the design scheme of any garden.

Air quickly gets to the green waste because the slats have gaps between them on assemble which allows the contents to rot quicker so you get compost quicker. Compost is fantastic to dig into existing soil to make it more nutritious for healthier plants.

We recommend two people to build the composter from parts and that you have a hammer, screwdriver, drill with 2mm bits, spirit level and tape measure to hand.

2 year pressure treatment guarantee.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4305
  • Quantity 1 Composter
  • Size H 0.6m x W 1m x D 1m

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£49.00 each
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