Callistemon citrinus Shrub

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  • Will flower well in full sun

Callistemon citrinus, also known as the Bottle Brush, is an exotic looking tall shrub which produces impressive crimson-red flower that give this splendid plat its name. They are produced during spring and summer and give an eye-catching and impressive display when situated in a sunny border. The evergreen, scented foliage is a deep green colour but requires a cool greenhouse during the winter months to protect it from excessive cold and winter wet. Callistemon citrinus is a perfect plant if you are trying to achieve a tropical feel and looks fantastic with palms and other architectural plants. The flowers will attract butterflies and other nectar feeding insects.

In containers

Grow Callistemon in large containers of loam-based compost such as John Innes No.2 and give them good drainage. Add drainage crocks to the bottom of the pot and don’t let the pots sit in water.


Callistemon can be grown in open ground in very warm sheltered gardens. They prefer a slightly acid soil.



The plants are happy outside for the summer; give them a warm sheltered site in full sun. Bring them back under cover in winter to protect the plants from frosts and winter wet.

Callistemon also make wonderful conservatory plants.


Watering: Water regularly in the first few weeks after planting and then make sure the plants are kept moist in dry spells, especially if grown in a container. Don’t overwater; plants will send their roots down in search of moisture as they grow.

Feed Incorporate a slow release fertilizer in spring.

Pruning No regular pruning is needed just trim callistemon lightly to shape in summer

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  • Quantity 1x 9cm Potted Shrub
  • Height Height 1.2m /4ft
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