Camellia Golden Anniversary 3L Shrub with FREE Pot

FREE 10in pot included worth £4.99!

£19.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Hardy Perennial - sow indoors or on a seedbed (April-June); transplant later to flower for many seasons
  • Attracts Bees

Enjoy rich glossy leaves every day of the year with this evergreen camellia. Reveals large, luscious rose-like blooms of ivory-colour petals in abundance, with a light scent.

Plant your camellia in your FREE 10in (25cm) tall pot now and place it where you can appreciate the rich leaves and emerging flowers, much loved by the late Queen Mother.

Your camellia Golden Anniversary is full of buds, ready to burst into colour within weeks of arrival into beautiful blooms.  Already well-established and trained at our nursery your camellia has produced strong stems with, adorned with glossy evergreen leaves.

We recommend you plant your camellia in your FREE pot worth £4.99 using Westland ericaceous compost which your Camellia Golden Anniversary will love and thank you with generous blousy blooms each spring.

Place in dappled shade or west facing spot outdoors protected from north winds and this fully hardy shrub will thrive giving you a lifelong display of flowers every year. Water regularly as camellias like to have moist roots, but not waterlogged or saturated soil, ensuring containers have drainage holes.

Camellias require slightly acid soil so plant in a container or dig a big hole and backfill with ericaceous compost. Feed annually in late spring with an ericaceous feed.

How your plant arrives

You receive our plant as 3 litre potted specimen with an established root network for great growing potential.

This is perfect for planting in March. The roots are itching to get established in the ground or your FREE container and then provide water and nutrients for strong stems revealing lots of flowers.

Your plant will arrive in a cardboard box dropped into the free patio pot in a box with bubble bag protection keeping it secure in transit.

Can’t plant straight away?

If you can't plant up your potted shrub straight away keep your potted plant in a sunny position and keep the soil moist by watering each day. Look to planting into its permanent position within 5-7 days.

Please note: Avoid planting your camellia Golden Anniversary in an east-facing site as the morning sun can burn the petals.

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Catalogue Number 5140-5570
  • Quantity 1x 3L potted shrub and 1x 10in pot
  • Height 1.2m (4ft) Spread 40cm (16in)
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